Pelikan M120 Green-Black Special Edition, M250 14K BB, inked with Visconti Turquoise

My third new pen in 14 days! Almost a record. Well once I bought the M120 Iconic Blue I knew that I had to hunt down the original release in the series. Its official name is the Pelikan M120 Green-Black Special Edition. It is the classic school pen look with very simple lines and little decoration beyond the clip and single cap band. I am really taken with minimal look of these pens.


The Green-Black came with a steel extra fine nib which I shall not be using. I paired it instead for its first use with one of my oldest Pelikan nibs, the M250 14K double broad, it is a lovely smooth wet nib.. This nib is probably one of the few that left the retailer (Richard Binder) still in its factory form. I daresay most were converted to a broad cursive italic or stub italic.


Whilst I own zero Visconti pens I do own all of their standard inks. The Turquoise is a really pretty colour that shades very well from this broad nib. It even shows a bit of red sheen in places.