Pelikan M620 Grand Place, M600 14K Fine, inked with J.Herbin Cafe des Iles

After a new addition last post it is back to the old tried and true. The M620 Grand Place is a lovely looking pen with chocolate brown, caramel and blue swirls. 


A quite serviceable 14K fine that came into my collection with the M600 Pink SE pen just over two and half years ago. Not as fine as some but better than some others I have.


Cafe de Iles is french for coffee islands and this shade of brown does remind me of coffee stains. Like all brown inks this one shades very well but no sheen to be seen. I have always found this ink to be dryer than average, and to that end it has previously struggled to perform with some of my Japanese nibs, but there is no such problem from this Pelikan nib.