Pelikan M620 New York, M605 14K Extra Fine, inked with Diamine China Blue

Yet another M620 City Series pen makes its way back into rotation - the fourth in a row. The black and off-white patterned pen is supposed to represent the skyline of New York (but looks more like the pattern of a Friesian cow hide to me). One of several in the series that feature rhodium trim so gets to use one of my full rhodium plated M605 nibs.


The full rhodium plated 14K gold Extra Fine nib that is not that fine entered my collection almost 4½ years ago and is an ok writer but nothing special.


China Blue was part of the first group of three Diamine inks that were added to my collection almost 7½ years ago (wow, time flys) and, this will be its tenth time in use since then. I classify it as a light blue, it shades slightly from the fine nib, and has no discernible sheen.