Pelikan M600 Black/Green Striated, M600 14K EF Flexible, inked with Noodler's #41 Brown

This pen is classic Pelikan colour in the best size in my opinion. The M600 is the middle of the range, it is still light due a plastic plunger but has that extra length and girth to make it the best all rounder. This particular pen is one of earliest purchases and makes its 27th time in rotation today.


I have a real soft spot for Richard Binder ground nibs, they make up the majority of my custom grinds. Normally I go for his cursive italic grinds but I do own a couple nibs that have been thinned to allow flex. This particular nib I picked up eBay and has been my collection for only 20 months, it had had a hard life and it took a bit of work to align the tines. They still not perfect but they are usable. This nib is capable of flexing to 3B but I worry that I will fatigue the metal so treat it gently.


A nice brown ink from the yellow end of spectrum. Like most brown inks it shades beautifully but has no sheen whatsoever.