Pelikan M805 Black/Blue Striated, M800 18K Medium, inked with Noodler's Periwinkle

The classic Pelikan is the black/green striated with gold trim, the classy Pelikan is the black/blue striated with silver trim. I have this combination in both M400 and M800 sizes and this is the M800 version.


An older (two chick) M800 medium nib that writes like a modern fine nib.


Some inks I look forward to using, some inks I don't. Noodler's Periwinkle definitely falls into the second category. This ink was one of the first Eternal (archival) inks made by Noodler's and suffers from being so dry. Even 52gsm Tomoe River can't save it and it appears on the samples as being a matt ink. I can't bring myself to delete this and a few of its contemporaries from my collection but I am glad I only have to use them every 2½ years or so.