Pelikan M800 Burnt Orange Special Edition, M800 18K 0.6mm CI, inked with Aurora Black

I still would love to see the burnt orange colour in a striated pen but for now (and probably ever) I will enjoy the solid colour. Released almost three years ago now but I was late to this pen so its only been in my collection for 21 months.


Another of my prized Richard Binder grind cursive italics, this time a 0.6mm width version. This nib is always a joy to use, it even makes my hand writing interesting.


Aurora Black is a nice sensible ink for everyday use. No shading but that's not unusual as a true black ink rarely ever shades. I can however detect a very slight gold sheen if my 52gsm Tomoe River writing sample catches the light in the right way. This ink has been in my collection for over seven years as born out by its ID number i.e. 028 = 28th ink bought.