Pelikan M600 Black, M600 14K 1.5mm CI, inked with Noodler's Mary I

One of my plainer Pelikans - the M600 Black is a great workhorse pen. I have had it in my collection for just over 5 years and this is its 13th time in rotation


This is probably the most extravagant custom grind I have. Born out the frustration of Pelikan not producing a factory M600 sized Italic Broad nib, I had John Mottishaw take a BB nib cut the tipping off and weld a piece of iridium wire in its place, and form this 1.5mm cursive italic. So wet and smooth!


Though Noodler's Mary I is a nice pleasant shade of red it is overall a pretty boring ink. Its writing samples exhibit very little shading and zero sheen - if there was any to be had this super broad nib would have brought it out.