Pelikan M415 Brown Tortoise, M250 14K 0.6mm Stub, inked with Private Reserve Sherwood Green

Classically simple, the M415 Brown Tortoise is a great little pen.


One of my many M250 single tone gold nibs that I bought customised from Richard Binder. The 0.6mm stub is not as sharp as the cursive italic and as such produces less line variation. It is still a superb nib that gives me joy every time I use it.


Private Reserve used to be a significant player in the ink market at the time I started collecting ink near on eight years ago. They have fallen out of favour since as new names have come on the scene, but they still made some great inks. Sherwood Green is one those; it is a deep forest green that shades beautifully and sheens red on Tomoe River paper.