Pelikan M101N Tortoiseshell Brown Special Edition, M250 14K BB, inked with Diamine Majestic Blue

My favourite “Brown Tortie” variant. I just love the greenish tortoiseshell with brown veins.


A factory M250 14K BB nib not turned in a stub nib; must be a rarity. Very broad, very wet, and a delight to use.


Diamine Majestic Blue - the original sheeny and shady blue; I don’t know if that statement is factual, but it is right in my mind. I updated my swab of this ink tonight onto Tomoe River 52gsm paper and produced a sample with plenty of sheen. My writing samples below (also on TR52) sheen within the letters on the scan. Looking a the writing samples at 45 degrees to the light turns all the lettering red.