Pelikan M800 Stone Garden Special Edition, M800 18K Extra Fine, inked with Robert Oster Signature Purple Soul

Pelikan number 67 entered my collection today - the M800 Stone Garden Special Edition. This pen is a slight departure from the norm as it features a dark blue cap, grip and blind cap rather than the standard black. The blue complements the “stone garden” being the barrel colouring of black, dark blue, orange and light blue. A close up of the barrel below gives a better indication of the pattern.


This pen comes with the standard two-toned nib - I realised while owning numerous M800 Fine nibs I possessed zero extra fine sized nibs. I remedied that and ordered an EF nib. This nib arrived with a slight tine misalignment - a bit of fingernail action, and that was soon corrected. The nib writes with a wet but relatively fine line - nothing exciting.


Some Robert Oster Signature inks are amazing, and some are just OK. Purple Soul leans closer to the OK end of the spectrum. It is subtle in its colouring and surprisingly seems not at its best on 52gsm Tomoe River paper.