Pen, nib and ink rotations 2017

Whilst I continue to look back at the year that was 2017. I thought I would share some stats around my pen rotations for the year.

The simplest number is that I used 213 different pen, nib and ink combinations during the year.


By pen manufacture it was Pelikan 191 and the remaining 22 comprised of Waterman 16, Sailor 2, Aurora 1, Bexley 1, Lamy 1 and Stipula 1. From May I was Pelikan only.

Looking strictly at the Pelikan pen models, the use ratios mirror my ownership ratios. The most used was my M600 series pens where 24 pens were used 79 times. Most pens got used between 3 and 4 times during the year.


By Ink manufacturer it was Noodler's with 52 then Robert Oster Signature with 37 and thirdly  Diamine with 33. I used inks from 23 different manufacturers during the year. All usage charted below.


By Ink colour. Again it trends with the total number of inks I own of each colour.


In 2018 I intend to exceed the 213 pen rotations of 2017 as I am changing pens out on a 10 day usage timeframe (rather than 12 days) which will give me around 253 rotations. This is mainly to reduce the time it takes to get around my ink collection which now stands at 438 bottles.