Pelikan M620 Shanghai, M620 18K Medium, inked with Diamine 150 Years Blood Orange

The M620 Shanghai is a pretty, pretty pen and a good match for this ink colour, not much more to say.


Another of my many (I own 5) M600 18K medium nibs, this one is finer than a modern medium but not by as much as some of the others I own. Writes well which is all that really matters.


The Diamine 150 years bottle are some of the more interesting shaped I own. It is difficult to see from the image but it is shaped like a cake slice (triangular with a rounded short side). Fitting all eight of them together (point in) forms a circle.


Yes looks like the colour of a blood orange flesh.


I was hoping for a bit more shading but the interesting orange-red colour makes up for it.