Pelikan M400 Black/Green Striated, M250 14K BB, inked with Noodler's Habanero

After five consecutive posts featuring M800 pens it was time for something smaller. The M400 Black/Green Striated pen is a classic, this size used to be the standard before addition of the bigger M600, large M800 and huge M1000 models. I do like this size for being a nice lightweight pocketable pen.


The M250 BB (double broad) model is a good quality single toned 14K nib. They are the same dimensions as M400 two tone nibs so fits this pen perfectly. I bought this nib from Richard Binder and was tuned to be quite wet by him. There is no use having a broad nib that is dry.


I have had this bottle of Noodles's Habanero since June 2013 so it sports the old generic catfish label. The current release version of this ink features a label displaying a habanero chilli. I assume the ink inside is the same so I won't be buying another bottle just for the updated label.


I do like an orange ink. Most of them shade spectacularly and this one is no different. More red than Apache Sunset, this is a good looking ink.