Pelikan M800 Burnt Orange Special Edition, M800 18K 0.6mm CI, inked with Robert Oster Signature Kada Kada FPA Dark

Another day another M800 enters my pen rotation, today it is the Burnt Orange Special Edition released in September 2015 but I didn't get around to adding one to my collection till July 2016. I initially wasn't taken with the solid colour of the body wishing instead it was striated. I still believe this colour would look amazing in a striated pattern but have grown to love the pen as it is.


I picked up this Richard Binder grind of a 0.6mm CI nib for a great price along with a stub version in the same size back in 2012. Like all my Richard Binder grinds this is a superb nib that manages to have great line variation but is still usable in everyday use.


Another Robert Oster ink - this is the second of the Kada Kada colours made for the Fountain Pen Australia Facebook group.


This ink behaves quite differently when swabbed on Tomoe River to other papers. It is hard to describe but it almost splits.


I don't find this ink all that exciting to be honest. I would describe it as a Blue-Black colour from this fine italic. The nib possibly doesn't allow this ink to show its best.