Pelikan M800 Tortoiseshell Brown Special Edition, M800 18K Italic Broad, inked with Diamine 150 Years Burgundy Royale

Only 9 days to go to the Pelikan Hubs 2017 and the third pen of seven I will be taking to the event comes into use. I love this big Brown Tortie, it used to be my favourite M800 (that title now sits with the Vibrant Blue) but it still ranks up there.


This is the newer of my two Italic Broad nibs in the M800 size. It is not a very practical nib for everyday writing but is just fun to use. It is wet and smooth and lays down a lot of ink.


The top of my next to use list is dominated with Diamine 150 Years inks - this one, Burgundy Royale is the 3rd of this series to get its first use.


The result of this ink's swab didn't really impress me. It seemed pretty flat and uninspiring.


It takes an broad italic nib to bring out a bit of shading but it is still pretty subtle. I quite like the colour of the ink but it is too flat for me to truely love it.