Pelikan M800 Renaissance Brown Special Edition, M800 18K BB, inked with Robert Oster Signature Chocolate

We are just eleven days out from the 2017 Pelikan Hubs. This year I will be attending the gathering in Sydney rather than the one in my hometown of Brisbane. Unfortunately I will be travelling through multiple cities before and after the night of the 22nd so I will only have my inked up pens with me.  The first pen I will have with me on the night is this one - this year's Special Edition, the M800 Renaissance Brown. I have previously described this pen's material as a translucent scotch whisky brown in a 'cracked ice' style. It is certainly more restrained that most of my other M800 Special Editions but I like it.


This pen was purchased with an Italic Broad stub but for this time in use I swapped it out and replaced it with the double broad from my M800 Burnt Orange. This is not the most exciting nib - it is not a stubby BB but has a big round tip. On the plus side it is smooth and lays down a wet line.


I am almost getting to the end of the "yet to be used" Robert Oster inks in my collection. I have 30 of his inks - I think he has over 70 shades available now. He releases new shades quicker than I can buy them.


A very chocolate brown - makes me hungry.


This ink is very chocolate brown, shades OK from this BB but probably would be better from an italic nib. I did attempt to match pen colour and ink colour. I didn't really succeed but they don't totally clash either.