Pelikan M600 Black/Green Striated, M620 18K Medium, inked with Robert Oster Signature School Blue

The classic Pelikan colour combination in the nicest size for my hand. This particular pen is the third Pelikan I added to my collection arriving Christmas Eve 2010. It is the most used of my pens this being it's 24th time inked up.


This 18K medium arrived in my collection in the M620 Piazza Navona and has been used 14 times since then. It is quite a wet medium (even by Pelikan standards) and can be problematic with a wet ink.


I am full of praise the practicality of Robert Oster ink bottles. Tall with a wide mouth - perfect for large plunger filled pens. Plastic rather than glass to save weight on freight and the name and swab on the cap to enable ease of identification when in a draw. I really can't fault the packaging.


Another red sheening, shading dark blue ink from Robert Oster. I have five of his already that are so very similar to each other. A well performing ink on any paper but excels on 52gsm Tomoe River paper.