Pelikan M300 Black/Green Striated, M300 14K Fine, inked with Noodler's Polar Brown

Being the smallest of the Pelikan fountain pens the M300 is very much a pocket pen. I can only use this size for any extended time if I post the cap. 


Though they are small, M300 nibs are still of high quality. This one had a hard life before I acquired it and this shows in the discolouration of the gold pelikan logo area. I have tried to polish it up but without much sucess.


Yep a Noodler's bottle - I have 104 of them.


Polar Brown - supposedly resists freezing. I live in a sub-tropical climate so short of spending some time in an industrial freezer I can't test the claim. It is bulletproof and a nice shading brown. Almost a dead ringer for the straight Noodler's Brown. I like a good brown ink.