Just Three Wishes...

A recent post on Instagram by pelikan_international (what I assume is the global social media marketing group of Pelikan) has made me think about what I would like to see in the way of new models of Pelikan pens. The particular post was advertising the M805 Stresemann pen - I made a typical snarky comment looking forward to the release of M600 sized version of that particular model. The reply I received from them was quite understandable but slightly maddening. :)

Besides a M605 Stresemann (which in my opinion has to come at some stage given that this colour is part of their standard range), what would I like to see?. Excluding new patterns and colours I believe there are two obvious ones:

Firstly I would love to see a M600 Brown Tortoise to fill the space between the M400 and M800 versions. According to legend this model already exists in the form of a Japanese market only release from before 1997. I have looked very hard and I have never seen one come up for sale.

Secondly I would love if Pelikan made a White Tortoise in M800 size, again this would fill the gap in my set of M400 and M600 sizes.

The odds?

I believe a M605 Stresemann is almost a certainty.

The M600 Brown Tortoise I am hopeful but recent history has shown that Pelikan think the M600 size is one in which they can explore more feminine styles. Recent examples are 2015's very targeted M600 Pink Special Edition (I have one complete with corset laced packaging) and the yet unreleased but strongly rumoured M605 White Striped (It has been described as take a M600 Pink, replace the pink stripes with silver, replace the gold trim with rhodium (silver) trim and you're done).

I believe a M800 White Tortoise is least likely. Why do I say that? Just a gut feeling looking at Pelikan M800 releases from the last 10 years. The M800 Special Edition releases tend to be one material used for whole pen body and cap eg. Blue o' Blue, Vibrant Blue, Renaissance Brown and (the rumoured 2017 SE M805 Ocean Swirl), or dark cap, grip section and body from a single material e.g. Burnt Orange, Grand Place and Brown Tortoise. There has yet to be a M800 sold with a white grip and cap. I really hope that I am proven wrong.



 I would love it if one day I could take an image in which the above gaps are filled with the three wish-list pens.