Paper Test: Monokaki vs Tomoe River Paper vs Rhodia vs Midori Traveller

Last week the very generous people at Bookbinders Online sent me some samples of Monokaki manuscript paper, a new addition to their range of paper stock.

The paper is fawn and feels to have a weight somewhere around 72gsm. It is gridded on one side and blank on the other. I used the blank side for my tests.

After scribbling on a page of it with my current selection of inked up pens I thought I should compare the results with other papers I have lying around. So I dug around in the stationery drawer and found sheets of Rhodia fawn in 90gsm, a page of Midori Traveller heavier paper and a page of my benchmark - Tomoe River Paper.

The testing is not very scientific - just scribble the name of my inks in use on each page and scan it.

So what do I think?

Monokaki performed very well, it showed up the shading in Brilliant Brown and some gold sheen on Burgundy Mist and handled Liberty's Elysium easily. All the inks dried with Monokaki in a quicker time than they did for Tomoe River. The poorest paper of them all was the Rhodia 90gsm it absorbs the inks very quickly causing them to look flat. Tomoe River is still the king when it comes to showing an ink at its best but I quite like Monokaki and look forward to picking one of the bound notebooks.