Pelikan Class photo 2017

The school year starts in late January in Australia so it is apt that I take a photo of my Pelikan fountain pens.

I have 51 in all, made up of:

  • 1 X M1000 (top left corner)
  • 12 X M800 (the next 12 along the top row)
  • 23 X M600 (most of the bottom row)
  • 6 X M400 (top row after the M800)
  • 4 X M300 (the littles ones at the right of the top row)
  • 2 X M200 (right end of the bottom row)
  • 3 XM101N (the old time looking ones on the top row)


While I love them all, the M805 Vibrant Blue (seventh from left top row), M620 San Francisco (left most bottom row) and M600 Pink (the pink striped one) hold down the top three spots in my heart.