Ink additions to my collection - 2017

This year I added 63 bottles of ink to my collection. This was down from 67 in 2016. This year is notable in that for the first time since 2010 I purchased no bottles of Noodler's ink. The performance of Noodler's releases during 2016 disappointed me so much I have swore off them for now.


I certainly went overboard with the Robert Oster inks - why so many - it was a happy combination of good inks from a local producer and extra special prices by two vendors. 37 is not quite the record for inks from one vendor in a year though- I bought 38 Noodler’s inks during 2012.

The breakdown by manufacturer is:

Robert Oster Signature  37, Diamine 8 (the second release of 150 years inks), Pelikan and Montblanc 4 bottles each, Franklin-Christoph 3, Akkerman and Lamy two each, and finally one each from Aurora, Sailor and J.Herbin.

My favourite?

Any number of the blue inks from Robert Oster rate highly but I really love the Dark Forest Green from the Diamine 150 years range.

My aim for 2018 is to limit myself to 52 new inks for the year. One bottle a week seems like plenty.