Pelikan M605 Dark Blue, M605 14K Extra Fine, inked with Akkerman Hopjesbruin #22

The M600 sized pens are my sweet spot in the Pelikan range and I do love a pen with silver trim; blue is a nice colour as well so I get it all with this pen. The M605 Dark Blue has only been in my collection since March 2016 and this is its third time in use. This same Dark Blue/silver trim is available in M400 and M800 sizes and I really, really want them too.

This extra fine rhodium trim nib arrived with the M605 Marine Blue Demonstrator in December 2014 and has had four turns in use since then. It is a well adjusted write but not that fine - I really wish Pelikan would make finer tips nibs.


Akkerman inks come in impressibly shaped but extremely usable bottles.

Hopjesbruin #22 is a pretty standard sepia brown. It shades slightly with this fine nib but will probably shade very well from a broad nib. I like to use a brown ink at the office just for something different and look forward to using this one in the coming days.