Pelikan M620 Shanghai, M620 18K Fine, inked with Akkerman Passage Blauw #1

It's not had to see why the M620 Shanghai is one of my favourite City Series pens. The banding of red and orange colours around the barrel is so beautiful. It has been in my collection for almost five years.


A M620 nib so 18K gold, though I can't tell any difference between these and the standard 14K nibs. By chance this is the very nib that came with the Shanghai pen so these two haven't been used together since it's first rotation in March 2012.

These faceted Akkerman bottles make for stunning ink bottle images.

Passage Blauw #1 is a pretty nice bright blue that really pops off the page. It exhibits ok shading from this fine nib and therefore expect it would shade really well from a broad or italic nib.