Pelikan M200 Blue Marbled, M250 14K 0.9mm CI, inked with Visconti Burgundy

A new year dawns - 2017 - a prime number - prime number years have been very good to me in the past so heres hoping.

The first pen into rotation for the year was added to my collection during the last prime numbered year - 2011. The M200 Blue Marbled is a pretty blue workmate-like pen being the same size as the M400 so quite light and very pocketable. I have no fear inking up this pen with anything short of the Baystate inks. 

It makes me sad that I didn't buy more of these M250 custom grinds by Richard Binder - they were so reasonably priced and in my opinion Richard is the master of the crisp yet usable cursive italic grind. This version in 0.9mm width is a joy to use.

I altered my algorithm for the new year thereby forcing products from some of my less recently used ink manufacturers to the top. While I don't own a single Visconti pen (I have been so tempted many times), I own all of their standard inks, all but the blue in glass bottles. Visconti bottles are pretty distinctive in shape but that shape (narrow base), scares me especially when trying to ink up a big Pelikan.

Visconti Burgundy is an OK performer, some shading in the downstrokes from the broad cursive italic but not much more. It will be safe in all pens and is not waterproof. My expectations are possibly more unreasonable since using so many vibrant, sheeny, shading inks of late.