Pelikan M800 Tortoiseshell Brown Special Edition, M800 18K Italic Broad, inked with Montblanc Albert Einstein Grey

I just couldn't resist bringing this pen into use a little early so I could compare the two Brown Tortoises. I think this pen is darker over all in its tortoiseshell pattern when compared to my M400.

I had to drag out the M800 IB nib to match the M400 version I received yesterday - I think the M400 is a smoother nib.

Just to complete the matches I picked I a Montblanc ink as well.

The M800 is a very broad wet rounded stub not a sharp italic. It runs to over 1.5mm in line width and is not all that useful in everyday use. It does however allow this (IMHO) boring grey ink to show a bit shading.