Pelikan M805 Black/Blue Striated, M800 18K Fine, inked with Noodler's 54th Massachusetts

Blue, black and silver (rhodium) trim is a great combination especially in this big M800 size. I really should buy the M600 and 400 versions as well - I can't resist a set!

This 18K fine is wet, possibly too wet and as a consequence writes broad for its size.

A feature that attracts me to Noodler's ink is the label art and the 54th Massachusetts is no exception. It is way too detailed even for my bottle image.

I always shake my bottles of ink before use, initially with this one I didn't and the colour of ink was very much like Noodler's Blue Nose Bear. Take two, the result was the Blue-Black shade that I expected. This ink is Bulletproof which means it is waterproof, UV fade proof, forge proof and archival.