Pelikan M205 Yellow Demonstrator, M415 14K Fine, inked with Diamine Burnt Sienna

Last in rotation in February this year, my yellow demonstrator always makes me happy to use. It is the least expensive of all my Pelikans so I have less fear staining it with some of my more exotic inks.

This is the nib that I originally purchased with my M415 Tortoiseshell Brown. I like its quite simple single tone gold look and while aesthetically it doesn't go with the silver trim of the pen it certainly performs very well.

The standard Diamine bottle - I need to stick that lid label down.

Burnt Sienna the colour is defined as a reddish-brown shade and this Diamine ink is true to that definition. I am a fan of red-brown inks and this one was happily added to my collection. It shades quite nicely with this fine nib and would be more noticeable from a broader nib. All in all a good ink for everyday use.