21 Pens sold in 2 hours

Well that was fun. A week ago I took the pens I had earmarked to sell to the monthly meet-up of my Facebook group - Fountain Pens Australia  and managed to sell 21 of the 30.

The first sale was my Pilot Custom 742 FA and my Lamy 2000 BB, gone before the meet-up even started!

 Most pens sold to one person was four being the rest of my Pilot Custom 742s - the gentleman in question's comment that they will go nicely with his recently purchased Pilot Custom 742 FA and being the same model his wife will think he still had only one pen not five- I can't fault the logic, but it is a slippery slope...

I really enjoyed helping people find a pen that they could buy that suited their writing style. The happy comments on the Facebook group along with writing samples of using my former pens makes me glad that I choose to offload them rather than just putting them into storage.

So now that I am cashed-up (literally) what am I going to buy? Well first use of the money was quite mundane - groceries and then a visit to my hometown's equivalent of a state fair.

Though yesterday I bought a Richard Binder custom flex grind M600 Extra Fine nib off eBay and am looking forward to getting the new M400 Brown Tortoise next month.

Beyond that I might just wait to see what 2017 brings for new Pelikans.