My flock of Pelikans

I normally take a "class photo" of my pen collection in July of each year. This year I only took an image of my 46 Pelikans as they are my focus.

Its only when looking at an image of them all together I truely appreciate how lucky I am to been able to put together such a collection.

As a member of the Fountain Pen Australia group commented "That is a house deposit there" - I could not afford to replace this collection now, only the fallout from the GFC with the resulting good (for me) AUD-USD exchange rates enabled this.

The highlight of this collection remains the full set of twelve M620 City/Places series pens (2nd row from left, being San Francisco, Grand Place, Shanghai, Piazza Navona, Berlin, Stockholm, Madrid, New York, Chicago, Athens, Piccadilly Circus and Place de la Concorde).