Pelikan M300 Black/Green Striated, M300 14K Fine, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Helianthus

Another one of my cute little M300 series Pelikans returns to rotation, on this occasion it is the Black/Green Striated version. These pens are quite tiny and are perfect for Midori Traveller journal use.

The gold on this Fine nib is slightly discoloured, it has alway been this way since I bought it second hand. I have thought about trying to polish it up but haven't done anything about it as yet. The nib writes perfectly well so its a case of not trying to fix something that is not broken.

Yes still working my way through the eleven Rohrer and Klingner inks. Same cute little round bottle with the label bearing the colour of the ink.

I will say that this ink scans darker than it is. I had several attempts to produce a realistic colour and the sample below is the best I could do. The inks name Helianthus is the genus name and latin for Sunflower and this ink produces a good sunflower yellow coloured line. Am not certain what I will use it for, maybe journalling, as you can't help but write happy thoughts with this sunny ink.