TWSBI Micarta, S/S 0.9mm Stub, inked with Noodler's Berning Red

My TSWBI Micarta looks like it has had a hard life. It hasn't, but it did have a leaky nib section that caused me to spend quite amount of time scrubbing it to get it cleaned - not the easiest process considering the micarta material is quite porous. This pen has a bit of a history - its previous owner was Dan Smith of FPGeeks fame and this very pen was featured on that site when the Micarta was first released.

This stainless steel nib came from the TWSBI factory as a broad but was ground into a 0.9mm Stub by Dan himself. It tends to be a dry writer than can be frustrating at times.

Berning Red is a fast drying red, one of the Bernanke range. It is Noodler's latest offering. I am a sucker for Noodler's inks sometimes buying them more for the label art than the ink inside. This one's label art lives up to expectations with a two sided spread. I am quite amused that poor old Bernanke is still coping it from Noodler's inks even though he has retired from the Fed.  

A pretty nice red - it leans blood red to my eye from this stub nib. It certainly dries very fast leaving no pooling even on Tomoe River paper. Its dark enough for me to use at work, so I am looking forward to filling pages with trails of blood...