Pelikan M800 Black/Red Striated, M800 18K 0.6mm CI, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Sepia

The Black/Red Striated pattern is impressive, maybe not as classic as the Black/Green Striated version but it certain looks the part in this big M800 pen. The M800 size is as big as I can comfortably use in a pen.

This M800 18K nib started life as a medium but somewhere along its life it passed through the hands of Richard Binder who turned it into one of his superb cursive italics - 0.6mm on this occaison. Sadly Richard closed his online store, and only does nibwork at selected pen shows these days. I recommend that if you get the chance you need to own one of his CI grinds.

The standard round 50ml R&K bottle that I have commented on in previous posts - enought said.

A pretty true sepia brown. The nib makes this ink and my scribble way more interesting than it should. No real shading, unsurprisingly considering the fineness of italic.