Pelikan M800 Black/Gold, M800 18K Italic Broad, inked with Noodler's Hunter Green

This very serious black M800 was last in pen rotation in July 2015. It was featured in one of the first posts when I launched this site. The M800 model features a brass rather than plastic plunger shaft that causes it to be out of proportionally heavier than the M600 and also moves the centre of balance further to the top of the pen. Is this a bad thing no it is just different.

This nib is the only factory italic nib sold by Pelikan in recent years. It is not my favourite italic as it lacks the line variation of my custom grinds. I have thought several times about getting this nib ground down to provide more variation - one day. At the moment it is probably best used as a highlighter.

Yet another little 1oz bottle - so cute. This ink features scene on the label that extends across three of the four sides. I have chosen the take an image of two of those sides below.

Hunter Green has most of Noodler's special features of being bulletproof, eternal, waterproof and forgery proof. Do I care - nope. It is however an interesting enough green from this 1.5mm width stub. Sadly it exhibits no shading to speak of, but otherwise is well behaved.