Pelikan M620 San Francisco, M600 14K Extra Fine, inked with Diamine Schubert

The Pelikan M620 San Francisco is without a doubt the most prized of all my pens. To get this pen I set an eBay max bid that was obscene. Happily I won the auction and got it for a price that to source it today would seem quite reasonable - it was not reasonable in 2012. It still ranks as the most money I have paid for a pen.

This pen is spectacular, it has no vibrant colours but has a combination of earthy tones together with shimmering undertones deep in the material that I have not seen in any other Pelikan. Its cap is semi-transparent as you can from the image.

The nib is a 14K gold extra fine - I bought with my M620 Athens so it is not that pen's original nib as all City Series pens came with an 18K gold nib. Its obscure history aside this is a very good extra fine nib. I like my nibs on the wet side and this one is not exception. It displays a slightly narrower vertical stroke, compared to the horizontal. 

Schubert named after the composer Franz Schubert is one of the Diamine's music set inks from 2012. Its comes in a cute little cubed 30ml bottle. 

Schubert is what I would classify as a blue-black shade. Does it shade? Not from this fine wet nib. Looking back at previous writing samples it did shade from a Richard Binder grind Bexley 0.9mm cusive italic in 2013, but almost everything shades from that nib. :) The only other comment that I found in my notes was that it bares a similarity to iroshizuku syo-ro which is also a blue-black ink.