Pelikan M205 Yellow Demonstrator, M250 14K 0.9mm CI, inked with Bookbinders Snake Ink Everglades Ratsnake

The M205 Yellow Demonstrator is one of my few non-Souvëran Pelikans, it features yellow tint plastic and silver plate trim, being less premium it tends to get to use some of the more colourful inks. I have long given up trying to clean all the ink from this pen - it has so many nooks and crannies.

A custom grind from the very well respected nibmeister Richard Binder. This 0.9mm cursive italic was based on a M250 14K Broad nib. LIke all of my Richard Binder nibs it is a  superb writer.

Number three of the Bookbinders Online inks makes an appearance - the Everglades Rat Snake - while I have visited Florida I didn't venture to the Everglades so didn't have a chance to meet this happy little constrictor. 

A red/orange that shades - that works for me. The broad italic nib makes this ink look extra good on the page. I can't really complain, a fine ink.