Pelikan M101N Lizard Special Edition, M101N 14K Rhodium Fine, inked with Noodler's #41 Brown

Another of my Pelikan M101N pens makes a return to use. While the Tortoiseshell Brown is the favourite I quite like my Lizard, though I really wish that it had a textured finish to match the look. 

A ye old look nib but with a rhodium plated trim. I love this very simple look. Not the finest Fine I own but a nice writing nib.

Noodler's #41 Brown is one of those political driven ink labels referring to the Massachusetts junior senator Chris Brown. For the story behind the name check out the Seize the Dave review from 2012.

A good mid-range brown - not too red, not too sepia. It is bulletproof, eternal, forgery resistant and water-resistant. It flows ok compared to my other eternal inks I have used of late. 

Pelikan M600 Green o' green Special Edition, M600 14K Medium, inked with Diamine Violet

Pelikan M600 Black/Green Striated, M600 14K Medium, inked with Noodler's Air-Corp Blue-Black