Bookbinders Online Snake Ink

I can't resist a bottle of ink or five, especially when the vendor is from the same city as myself.

The inks were delivered in 24 hours, very well packed in a box with tissue paper. Each ink bottle arrived in a hessian drawstring bag - very novel. My wife quickly grabbed the bags and I daresay she will find an inventive reuse for them.

Cute little 30ml glass bottles


Writing sample using my glass dip pen.

The Everglades Ratsnake scans slightly darker than the shade on the page, the others are quite close.

Initial thoughts:

These look like pretty good inks, they all shade except for the black (black inks rarely shade). They cost AUD$14.90 each for a 30ml bottle - not the cheapest but a fair price.

I think these are a good first release - I would be hoping that we see a few more colours in the future - there must be dark green or burgundy snake out there somewhere.