Stipula Vedo Dark Blue, Vedo S/S 1.1mm Italic, inked with Noodler's La Reine Mauve

My only Stipula, the Vedo in dark blue swirl with stainless steel trim is a pretty funky little pen. It is one of the smallest in my collection but holds the most ink. The view window is clear (amazingly so given some of the vibrant inks that have passed through this pen), as you can see below I took the image when it was empty. The plunger mechanism differs from that of my Pelikans in that the end cap doesn't extend out when it is turned, but remains in place when you turn it to move the plunger so you can have as much or little ink in the barrel as you wish.

A very crisp 1.1mm stainless steel italic - it requires dutiful attention to nib/page alignment. It is a quite wet nib that provides very good line variation.

La Reine Mauve (The Purple Queen) is bulletproof (referenced on the label as guillotine-proof) royal purple from Noodler's. Like all the 1oz Noodler's this ink is also Eternal (archival, fade resistant), chemical resistant and waterproof.

A good free flowing ink that works very well in this broad stub. Like all Noodler's Eternal inks this ink hardly shades and dries with a more matte look than standard inks.