Waterman Preface Barleycorn Green, Preface 18K Stub, inked with Noodler's Qin Shi Huang

What! That's not a Pelikan! Yes, I did say in July that I was going Pelikan only and I am.

But... I have 35 inks in collection that for various reasons are rated as being too dangerous to use in my Pelikans, most of those are now congregated at the top of my next ink to use selection table. So I had two choices, either a) Remove those inks from my collection, or b) Bring some of my unsold non-Pelikan pens back to active duty to allow me to use some of the dangerous inks. As you can see I chose option b). There was of course a third option that I did consider and that was to buy a few sacrificial M200 pens that I could use but that was discounted mainly due to the expense.

I have returned seven pens from five manufacturers back into use and intend to keep a maximum of one of these in rotation.

The first back is one of three Preface pens - this is the Barleycorn Green model. For those that don't know this slightly obscure Waterman model - it is of medium length but thin, and it is heavy being made from brass with an enamelled finish. 

One of this make and model was the first fountain pen I bought in 1997 and these pens hold a special place in my heart. 

Waterman Preface nibs are short and very stiff. I have a theory that these were designed in the days when offices used carbon paper heavily and so were made stiff to allow any writing to show on the copies. I own at least one of each of the nib sizes available but the highlight of the range is the factory stub.

Noodler's Qin Shi Huang was released in 2012 and I bought my bottle from The Goulet Pen Company in February 2013. It is named after the first Chinese emperor and its terracotta colour is supposed to represent the colour used in the official stamps or "chops". The label featuring a sailing vessel extends across three of the four sides of the bottle and is impossible show in one image.

Not terracotta to my mind, but more pink/red. A very saturated ink with little or no shading from this stub nib on Tomoe River paper.