Pelikan M805 Clear Demonstrator Special Edition, M800 18K Fine, inked with Montblanc Midnight Blue

I had the hankering for a new pen this morning and an errand inthe city this afternoon gave me the opportunity to add Pelikan number 49 to my collection.

I have long agonised over the Pelikan M805 Clear Demonstrator Special Edition. Is it a beautiful crystal clear jewel with Palladium trim, or a very, very expensive TWSBI knockoff? I worried about it getting ink stained and the feel of the barrel being quite different to my other M800s.

At the end of the day I could not resist its call.


I had no choice of nib, but am happy enough to have another two-toned fine - the third in my collection of M800 nibs. I can't wait however to pair this pen with one of my two full rhodium plated nibs.

I ranked this pen a 1 (being only able to be used with my most trusted inks), so I had to look down the list past my many waiting Noodler's to find a trusted ink. The Montblanc Midnight Blue is deemed trustworthy of use. I do love their shoe-shaped bottles - so easy to fill a larger nib like the M800. 

Pelikan fine nibs aren't as fine as they used to be but this is a good wet writer that needed no adjustment. Montblanc Midnight Blue is a pretty decent Blue-Black that darkens when dry due to iron gall. Do I worry about the iron gall staining? No not really as it is pretty low in concentration and I will be cleaning it out in 12 days.