Lamy Studio Royal Red Limited Edition, S/S Z50 1.1mm Italic, inked with J.Herbin 1670 Edition Anniversaire Rouge Hematite

This pen is a bugger to photograph, it is slightly redder than the image below but that defies being captured. Royal Red was the limited edition for 2013 and has been in my collection since October of that year. It came with a 14K nib but doesn't wear that this time in rotation.

If I could make one wish of Lamy it would that they make available 14K Gold versions of their steel italic nibs. I would love a 1.1mm italic that has the softness of gold. One day maybe. The steel 1.1mm nib is good but it is so stiff.

My bottle of the 1670 Edition Anniversaire Rouge Hematite is pre-gold dust. I have no inclination to add the dusted version to my collection.

A nice brick red shade I guess - I like my reds more bloody than this. I am not certain what you would use this shade for, I happily journal with mine.