Sailor 1911 Medium Clear Demonstrator/Gold, 14K Music Stub, inked with Noodler's Periwinkle

This is one of the two Sailors that I have deemed worthy of staying in my rotation. It is a pretty simple clear demonstrator with gold trim - very minimal. I was lucky enough to be source a gold anodised convertor to suit so it is gold all the way down.

Big and broad is the Sailor music stub, two tines only so not really a music nib in my book. I lays down a good wet line with some variation between vertical and horizontal strokes.

A cute little 1oz version of the normal 3oz bottle. I have five Noodler's inks that only came in this size. 

Noodler's Periwinkle is bulletproof and eternal, basically archival quality. That's all well and good but it is not a great ink to use. The flow is dry, so dry, it is very matt in finish and is just not a fun ink. This is one of the earliest eternal inks and Noodler's seemed to have improved the usability of eternal inks in their latter products. 

Pelikan M600 Black/Green Striated, M600 14K Medium, inked with Noodler's Air-Corp Blue-Black

Pilot Custom 742 Black/Gold, Custom 742 14K FA, inked with Diamine Blue Black