Pelikan M620 Chicago, M600 14K 1.5mm CI, inked with Montblanc Royal Blue

I have never been to Chicago, it is one of the many cities in the world that I would like to visit one day. (I have a list, of course its in a database).  In the meantime I will console myself by owning a pen bearing its name. The Pelikan M620 Chicago is semi-transparent with a silver, grey and black marble effect pattern. It is one of the few M620 pens that have silver trim. Overall it is a classy pen.

This nib was modified by John Mottishaw of Classic Fountain Pens, it is more than just a custom grind. The existing BB tip was ground back and a section of iridium wire was welded on to build up the tipping to the 1.5mm width. It is the only nib tip in my collection that I know for certain is iridium. I had this nib made in late-2011 when the Australian dollar was running red hot to the US and everything was "cheap". 

An older bottle of Montblanc Royal Blue - the Made in W-Germany on the label dates it. It is the classic Montblanc shoe shaped bottle with the deep heel that allows filling of even the largest pens. 

This is royal i.e. leans purple and the nib makes this ink and my writing look fairly interesting. 

Pilot Custom 742 Black/Gold, Custom 742 14K FA, inked with Diamine Blue Black

Pelikan M101N Tortoiseshell Brown Special Edition, M250 14K Extra Fine Flexible, inked with Caran d'Ache Carbon Black