Pelikan M101N Tortoiseshell Brown Special Edition, M250 14K Extra Fine Flexible, inked with Caran d'Ache Carbon Black

This pen certainly exceeds the new fun criteria for my pens. This is such a gorgeous looking pen with a greenish tortoiseshell patterned barrel and the "ye old style" trim. It is my favourite of the three M101N pens I have. It is M400 sized so while it suits me it may not be comfortable for all hands.  

This is a fun nib. A Richard Binder custom grind - taking a M250 Extra Fine nib and giving it the full flexible treatment by removing the shoulders and thinning the material. It is not wet noodle flex but does give decent variation if pressure is applied. 

From the Caran d'Ache ink range before the Chromatics collection. I love these little glass cubes - deep enough to fill all but my largest pens.

A very good black black. The flexible nib I believe improves the look of this ink.

Pelikan M620 Chicago, M600 14K 1.5mm CI, inked with Montblanc Royal Blue

Only the Fun Ones