Lamy Studio Blue, S/S Z50 Medium, inked with Diamine Asa Blue

The fifth pen into my collection makes its 22nd time into my pen rotation. Three out of my first five pens were Lamy Studios. I love the weight and size of the Studio model - enamelled steel body in a size that is slightly larger than mid-sized. A perfect hard wearing daily user.

Lamy Z50 model in bright stainless steel - medium tip - super stiff - too stiff for my liking actually, but I deal with it. These nibs are available from extra-fine to 1.9mm italic - these are good beginner nibs.

Diamine standard series ink bottles are pretty boring, some would say efficient, the ink name is on a sticker on the lid.


Asa Blue is one of my favourite Diamine blue inks. It shades very well even from this medium nib - this ink is a just great from broad italics or flex nibs.