A visit to the Honolulu Pen Shop

Even while holidaying in a place best known for its sun, surf, and friendly locals I can go out of my way to visit a pen shop. The Honolulu pen shop (1857 South King Street, Honolulu) is not on the glitter strip of Waikiki but a good mile inland.

Saner people would drive there but my wife and I prefer to walk as much as possible when we are holidaying so off we trekked. Honolulu weather is hot and steamy, luckily we had a cooling rain shower for part of our journey. We actually missed the shop on our first walk past - I was expecting that it would have a street frontage but it is located on the first floor of a building. Luckily we had the street number. The front door is usually locked so entry was via the elevator in the basement carpark, up to the first floor, a knock on the door and we are greeted by Corinne Shigemoto the shop's proprietor.

I had my wife with me so a pen purchase was unlikely especially since I had bought three 50ml bottles of Louis Vuitton ink for the extravagant sum of USD$47 each just the day before. Corinne offered me a Pilot Pera with italic nib to scribble with and we had an very enjoyable 45 minute conversation on topics ranging from farmed wallaby in Australia, lamb vs pork, fountain pen collecting, the decline of teaching cursive hand writing to the woes of dealing through pen distributors.

The shop sells a good range of premium pens from Montblanc to Montegrappa and Japanese brands of Pilot and Namiki. They also carry the full range of iroshizuku inks.

If you are holidaying in Honolulu I highly recommend a visit, if only to share good conversation with a fellow lover of fountain pens.