New Site Image

I have been unhappy with the look of my site image, which was a very rush job.

So Photoshop and I had a big afternoon creating the image of all of my ink swabs to use as a site title background.

First I had to reduce all of my 567x567px ink swab images down to 30x30px and then arrange them on a 30x10 grid of 30x30px squares to make up the 900x300px image. Luckily I found a script to do the conversion but still had to manually place each of them.

If you care to count them there is only 288 swabs there because my two highlighter inks just don't scan.

The Script font is called Californya, which is based on 16th century manuscript lettering. It is one of those funky ones that have alternate letter glyphs depending on the adjacent letters.

I plan to do a montage of all my ink bottle images to serve as an alternate title background - maybe another day.

P.S. Yes I sort of changed the site name as well. It is now Too Many Inks instead of the play on words 2 Many Inks - I own both domains and both will work...

P.P.S. If you are trying to pick inks names from the swabs - A few to get you going. First column, third row up from the bottom is Pilot iroshizuku chiku-rin (bambo green), beside it is ina-ho (rice ear), Last column, top completed row is Montblanc Pink Ink. :)