A look at my year - 2015

On this last day of 2015 it seems mandatory that I recap my year.

Pens bought: Four, all Pelikans,  M101N Tortoiseshell Red, M600 Pink, M600 Vibrant Green and a M805 Black/Blue Striated.

Inks bought: 80 (a bumper year)

De Atramentis led the way with 16 of its inks added to my collection, Franklin-Christoph second with 12 and Noodler's third with 10.

I added 17 blue and 17 green coloured inks to my collection with brown being the third most added with 10.

Inks removed: 2, an ancient Waterman Blue-Black which dried up due to a cracked cap and my Stipula Deep Blue which went murky grey.

Pen, nib, ink combinations passed through rotation: 140

Pelikan pens were inked the most with 53 times, Waterman second with 26 and third was Sailor. 

The winning in the ink brand usage was Diamine with 25, second Noodler's with 23 and third was De Atramentis at 17.

Ink colours used was taken out by blue with 29, Green at 20 and light blue at 14 uses.

My favourite purchases of 2015

Pen: Pelikan M600 Pink

Ink: Sailor Jentile Four Seasons yama-dori tied with Franklin-Christoph Midnight Emerald.