2016 Wishlist

Yesterday I posted my brief review of my pen collecting of 2015, today I want to look ahead and share my current thoughts and wishlist for the coming year.

In essence I want to buy more pens but less inks than I did in 2015.

So far I have five Pelikan M800 series pens on my purchase list

They are:

  • M800 Grand Place SE
  • M800 Burnt Orange SE
  • M805 Stresemann
  • M805 Vibrant Blue SE
  • M805 Solid Blue/Silver

The first four are current releases, the last I will have to source on the secondary market.

Last year my pen to ink buy ratio was 1:20, this year I want to reduce this to 1:3 or less.

To achieve this I plan to only buy new release inks so already I have penciled in two inks - Montblanc Golden Yellow and Pelikan Edelstein Aquamarine (2016 ink of the year)

Updated: January 6, 2016 adding Pelikan M800 Grand Place SE

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